Marketplace Credibility

Are people who can influence the purchasing decision talking about your company?

A strong positive reputation in the marketplace will attract new customers. Whether you are a new market entrant or an established company, you need to establish credibility with your prospects to set a positive tone for your sales dialogue.

Identify and target the opinion leaders and market influencers that will have the most sway with your prospective customers.

When you need to:

  • Establish or enhance a positive corporate reputation.
  • Attract new customers.

We can help you:

  • Research market influencers.
  • Conduct market surveys.
  • Develop coalitions and alliances.
  • Participate in high-visibility, industry events.
  • Institute customer referral programs.
  • Gain targeted media coverage.
  • Design usable, effective web sites.
  • Establish community involvement programs.

Let’s discuss how to amplify your marketplace credibility.