With Amplify, we cost efficiently generated thousands of leads per year. I highly recommend Amplify Communications to those looking for a web site or other digital marketing that drives business results.

Deep understanding of our customer needs, acute attention to detail and unwavering perseverance to achieve our desired program objectives. 

Christine is adept at managing both people and projects to achieve the desired outcomes. It’s a pleasure working with her.

Can you say “superstar”?

Strong strategic thinking, yet attention to details when it comes to execution. Helped us build a very efficient and effective marketing organization and introduced social media to measure efficiency of marketing activities

Helped us to define a marketing strategy, develop language around a new class of products while still executing effectively. Many of the strategies put in place are still being implemented and have resulted in exponential growth in web traffic and sales.

If unexpected issues arise during the course of a project, Christine is unflappable and problem-solves brilliantly and quickly.

A magnitude of experience in Corporate Communications, Marketing, Government Relations, and e-Commerce.

Consistently demonstrated such a high level of integrity, hard work and enthusiasm in everything that was done. My “go to” when I want an honest and brilliant perspective.

The best guides through the corridors of Washington –the most effective way to jump start a government relations program for any company.

Amplify Communications was an extension of our marketing department providing web design, development, and maintenance that allowed us to consistently stay ahead of the competition. We were ranked by one organization as one of the top small business web sites they had evaluated. 

Keeping us on track by managing launch checklists, overseeing tradeshows, and driving marketing programs was a huge asset for us.

Creative, strategic, driven, and results-oriented.

Consistently delivered above expectations.

Christine has the ability to see the big picture and determine how multiple processes and functions should be synthesized.

Whether Marketing related or general business operations, a level of detail and thoroughness that instilled confidence and engendered loyalty with management and board members.

That rare case when you know that everything, from the big picture to the little details that can make or break a project will get fully addressed.

Christine is an extremely capable manager, assembling good teams and getting everyone to contribute their best. She is very effective at fulfilling company needs and priorities.

Understood the substance of complicated technology and policy issues and was able to communicate about them with people who do not have a technology background.

We were working our way through a pivot and launching a new product in a new market, simultaneously building a sales channel, and marketing plan. Christine’s approach to large-scale, complex, and oftentimes uncertain projects was a professional and calming force.

Subject matter expertise in the area of communications, PR, consulting and strategy, able to serve start-ups (like mine) and Fortune 500 C-level execs. The results produced far exceeded our expectations. 

Amplify is an asset to any marketing organization. Able to understand complex technology and translate the strategic benefits, always with a positive attitude.

Amplify was a critical component of our web marketing success at a great value to the company.

Broad-based experience in all aspects of marketing and communications provides a strong resource in both the strategic planning process for go-to-market approaches as well as the tactical planning required for successful execution.

Instrumental in helping us grow from approximately 20% market share to 30% in a year. 

Hard-working, efficient, and effective, came up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Amplify is fantastic to work with – delivering exactly what you need plus a little extra and within a reasonable time frame. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for creative marketing services that get results.

Amplify provides a deep understanding of government, of communications, and of getting things done in group settings.

We were losing our historic customer base and missing future growth opportunities. Christine reinvigorated and redeployed our inside sales team to win dozens of new accounts and completely turn around our position in that market segment.

Worked tirelessly to ensure that projects were well written and delivered on time.